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Sustainable Palm Oil meets IOT Technology

Palm Oil Plantation Acquisition and Management through proven own developed Management and Internet of Things (IOT) Tech

Oil Palm Estate Leasing

Long Term leasing of Oil Palm Plantation. With our financial strength and stability, we are able to lease plantations that are abandoned, needs rehabilitation, unmanageable due to lack of experience or resources such as Labour, Planters and Materials. We will assess and offer you a fair leave value to generate you the owner a steady revenue stream.

Plantation Management Consultancy

If you are having issues with your current plantation management Team, production output is low, mismanagement of funds, loss of crops and etc, we can offer you our 40 years expertise with our combined team of Senior Planting Consultants, Agronomist and Scientist. A comprehensive report is prepared with the issues, assessment and action plans in detail.

Precision Planting with Satellite Based Internet of Things (IOT)

Come experience our Satellite based IOT Technology that has been implemented in our own plantation. See how our Weather Station, Soil Sensors, Environmental Monitoring Sensors and Solar Power CCTV monitored from a single dashboard gives a comprehensive state of the estate Safety, Enviromental and Growth Conditions to achieve Precision Plantation.

Mill Design Building, Soil Analysis and Drone Study 

As a experienced Planters and Technologist in a single organisation, we are able to provide Mill Design, Planning and Building services for around the world deployments. Our Soil Analysis by the Scientist would give you detailed soil nutrient requirement. Drone Analysis to Study disease onset, nutrient deficiency and tree counting for larger plantations.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Let us share with you our passion with Oil Palm,  the continuous sustainability and profitability while being friendly to the environment. 

Every estate big or small can be well managed to produce at its optimum with the right care, expertise and technology.

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